Buluku Bottoms - Prowl

Buluku Bottoms - Prowl


The Buluku Bikini Set is new this summer, and really is a very special piece.

Prowl print is created by first hand-dying the lycra in small batches using non-toxic dyes. It is then screen printed with a large scale leopard print by the designer Vicki Jones. Due to its hand made nature, the placement of the print will be different for each garment, making each one completely unique! Colours may vary slightly and may fade over time.

The Buluku bikini bottoms are low rise and lined with lycra which means they are very sturdy and supportive.

Made using high-quality, recycled lycra from ghost fishing nets and post consumer waste

Please note that the item is made to order. The lead time for production and delivery is 2 weeks. 

Sand&palm supports slow clothing. Wash with care and love unconditionally.

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